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Ballarat Green Drinks

DATE: Thursday September 4th, 7pm-9pm


TIME: 7.00pm-9.00pm 

VENUE: Mr Rede, 203 Dana St, Ballarat (The Ballarat Club Building)

SPEAKER: Sam Dekok, owner of Ballarat Electric Bikes


For next months Ballarat Green Drinks event, we welcome Sam Dekok, owner of Ballarat Electric Bikes to present.




Sam has lived and worked in all kinds of global locations but now calls Ballarat home. Sam's dutch heritage and childhood obsession with all kinds of wheeled transport objects were a foundation that naturally progressed to wanting to develop energy efficient electric biking solutions that were unique in their approach.

Sam has a Bachelor's degree in Mechanical/Electronic Engineering as well as two decades of supply chain management experience, as well as a curious mind constantly searching for ways to reduce our transport footprint. He is looking forward to showing you the ins and outs of where electric bikes fit when it comes to providing transport solutions for a growing regional city such as Ballarat.

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