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Birmingham Green Drinks

CONTACT: Malcolm Currie      info@globallylocal.net


PORTOFINO RESTAURANT  *please note change of location - same host*  - email for further information



B1 3HE
food and drinks from 6.00p.m. - guests and/or main topic introduced at 7.00/7.15p.m.  See further background information at bottom of page.  Meetings are held on the second Tuesday of the month.  *The change of venue has easier access and a larger space.*  Erkan remains our host and will meet all individual food and drink requests as before.

We are the Birmingham Green Drinks, part of a global network with over 600 locations around the world.   We are using the old "Cafe Society" title and format which served us so well at the end of the last century.   


The March and April sessions connect with a day seminar on Saturday 22nd April.

This seminar, 'Values for the Future', will examine a number of controversial options for a sustainable and equitable future.  It takes place at Carrs Lane Centre Birmingham, 10.00a.m to 5.00p.m.

Birmingham Green Drinks/Cafe Society next session is

TUESDAY  9th MAY 2017

topic to be decided - suggestions welcome

Don't forget the seminar on Saturday 22nd April - see note above and email for further information.  The second presentation "Three generations left?" may sound apocalyptic but is a well researched appraisal of where we are at in the  fight for sustainability.  Colin Hines controversial view on Protectionism is the third item on the agenda and promises to raise the temperature somewhat!  

At the last Green Drinks Woody Wood of Planet Centre Forum which is arranging the 22 April programme, claimed that HOUSING is the main driver in our increasingly divided society.  Perhaps he has a point when he tells us that you can join their Housing Co-operative for just one pound and then become a tenant.

If you wish to follow up on another theme ahead of the 22 April seminar, namely that of the place of the Mega City, watch Parag Khanna's February 2016 TED lecture on "Connectography".

Malcolm Currie
Globally Local

email:  info@globallylocal.net



Of course, you don't have to have a meal in order to join in, although it helps us to have an idea of meal numbers in advance.  Erkan, our host,  provides an excellent menu, plenty of choice, including vegan and vegetarian dishes.  Dishes can be tailored to individual tastes.

Meals and/or drinks are available anytime from 6.00p.m.; and any "guest" for the evening is introduced at about 7.00p.m.  There's no closing time; people stay for as long or as short a time as they wish.  As a guide, the main discussion usually lasts about an hour and a half, after the guest's initial 5 to 10 minutes [maximum].   

The role of the guest speaker is to promote discussion; to challenge, rather than deliver an after dinner speech!   Just 5 to 10 minutes is all they are allowed as an introduction.



"...a place where anybody can come, alone or with friends,

to enjoy a meal...

a place to air and share opinions, in a friendly and

convivial atmosphere... - about the issues facing us all;

The local restaurant becomes a focal point where people can go for a satisfying evening out, knowing that they will meet others who wish to talk about any of the issues - social, economic, cultural or whatever - they feel concerned about.”

“Who knows whom you might meet!

They’ll listen - they’ll answer back -

and together we’ll create

a new kind of


extract from Theodore Zeldin's "Intimate History of Conversation"