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Friday Harbor Green Drinks





Hi friends! 
Happy Summer! Hope everyone is enjoying the nice weather and also some of the rain we've been having. It's nearly that time again - Thirsty Third Thursday! For the next two months we're going to diverge from the normal structure and join up with two awesome groups. 
For July we are going to join up with SUPERPOD 5! This is an annual gathering on San Juan of international scientists, filmmakers, authors, journalists, former trainers, naturalists, and Orca advocates. http://www.orcasuperpod.com. It's a pretty neat opportunity to interface with a group that you might not normally get a chance to. 
We'll join the fun for a sunset Green Drinks at beautiful Lime Kiln State Park. Still goes 5 - 7pm as usual but plan to stay a little later if you want to catch the sunset. This is a free event and is BYOB. A little picnic fare might be nice as well. GD will congregate together wherever seems to make the most sense, shooting for the more southern area. I'll try to post our sign somewhere visible; keep an eye out for your buddies and find us! 
But dang, there's a catch. Because this is such a popular event, I've heard parking out there can be a little tricky. What is the solution? Carpool, carpool, carpool! (And maybe come a little early.) You will also need a Discover Pass ($30) or a day pass ($10) to park at Lime Kiln itself...some may be familiar with other nearby local parking spots. Please don't let this be a deterrent to attending, but please be aware that it's a thing
In summary, July Green Drinks is:
Thursday, July 21st, 5 - 7pm (and staying till sunset if you're keen)
Lime Kiln State Park* **, 1567 Westside Rd. 
*Need Discover or day pass to park. 
**For the love of god carpool. 
As always, check us out at: Greendrinks.org or our Facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/GreenDrinksFridayHarbor/
Keep in mind: 
- Emails will be moving over to Mailchimp soon; keep an eye on your junk box and/or the fb page. 
- There will be photos taken and possibly filming at upcoming GD events which may end up on the Facebook and/ or Green Drinks website. Be aware and let me (Kelsey) know if you are adverse to this.  
Looking ahead - Upcoming Green Drinks: 
Thursday, August 18th, 5 - 7pm 
Join us aboard University of Washington's Friday Harbor Labs' premier research vessel the R/V Centennial. The boat will remain pier-side so you can come and go at your leisure. Connect with your GD buddies (on a boat!) and learn about research taking place at Friday Harbor Labs. More info in August email. 
Thursday, Sept 15th 5 - 7 pm
Location TBD 
See you  next week! 
*The world-famous
​ ​
Green Drinks is an international,
​ ​
unstructured, self-organizing network of environmental folks or those interested in getting involved
​. ​
Friday Harbor's Green Drinks was
​ ​
established last spring and has been growing! So far we've had a great mix of those in non-profit organizations, government,
​ ​
​, ​
local business, the kayak community, FHL folks, general community,
​ ​
visitors and even a few passerby
​. ​
Always the Third Thursday of each month. (Thirsty Third Thursday!) Join us at this month's Thursday
​ ​
spot for a glass of wine or a pint, and always some good chat.
​ ​
All are welcome!*