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Friday Harbor Green Drinks






Hi friends! 

​We had a great time at the August Green Drinks onboard the R/V Centennial. Thanks again to Friday Harbor Labs for offering this unique gathering place. It was interesting to learn about research happening at FHL and on this vessel, and it was just darn pretty out there. Also, welcome to some of the new Green Drinks attendees who came out for this event. For pics check out our fb @greendrinksfridayharbor​. 
​September's Green Drinks will return to our classic meet up spot at Mike's Cafe and Wine Bar, out on the back porch if it's nice. ​This means we'll also return to the normal structure - show up anytime between 5 -7pm to say hi or stay the whole time and connect with a new buddy/ pitch a new idea/ talk about your organization, research, business, etc. As with a normal restaurant visit, purchase your beverage of choice (which does not have to be alcoholic for the record). 
Looking for a farm-themed spot for Green Drinks October, so if you have any ideas or are willing to host sent them round! 
In summary, 
 Green Drinks is: 
​September 15th
. 5-7pm. 
​Mike's Cafe and Wine Bar
135 2nd St S, Friday Harbor, WA 98250

As always, check us out at: www.greendrinks.org 
Like us on fb! @greendrinksfridayharbor
​Follow us on
 instagram! @greenddrinksfh

Looking ahead - Upcoming Green Drinks: 

​October 20th,
 5 - 7pm
Location TBD
​ - Fall Farm Visit?

h, 5 - 7pm 
Location TBD

See you next week! 
​(Ok, so this is the first Green Drinks that I won't actually be able to attend as I'll be in the UK, but I'll be there in spirit. Look forward to seeing you in October!) ​


*The world-famous Green Drinks is an international, unstructured, self-organizing network of environmental folks or those interested in getting involved. Friday Harbor's Green Drinks was established in spring 2015 and has been growing! We have a great mix of non-profit organizations, local government, academia, local business, kayak community, Friday Harbor Labs, general community and even a few passerby! Always the Third Thursday of the month (Thirsty Third Thursday!). Join us at this month's spot for a drink and some good chat. All are welcome!*