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Friday Harbor Green Drinks






Hello Green Drinks Friends! 

Green Drinks is a international, decentralized
 network of folks working in environmental and conservation fields (the 'Green' bit) 
r interested in getting involved
Happening in 5
0 cities around the world, Green Drinks events are generally once a month and fairly informal. They often take place at fun 
​public ​
venues and can have music
​ or ​
lectures but most often just good ol chat
 drinks, which can be alcoholic or not
​ - up to you​
 (the 'Drinks' bit). To learn more: www.greendrinks.org

Friday Harbor's Green Drinks 
started in spring of 2015 (almost two years old!!) and has been growing ever since. We've had some amazing events including at SJIMA w/ Fragile Waters, and on a research vessel w/ FHL. Our Green Drinks is open to everyone and is certainly welcoming to those involved in education, community orgs, social movements etc. Generally we focus on connecting 
​up ​
with new buddies and old friends, but with so many exciting things happening we are also opening
​ ​
the events
​ up​
 to announcements during the second half. 

January's Green Drinks 
​at San Juan Vineyards ​
was no exception 
​to ​
our amazing Friday Harbor events. THANK YOU! to Chris Lawler, head winemaker, who welcomed us into the awesome winery space and wooed us with his vision for our island wines. Hopefully you had a chance to barrel sample the 
​new ​
yet-to-be-named (suggestions welcome) 2016 vintage Counoise Red Blend. Peppery and bright - really nice! As a reminder, the Vineyards are looking for volunteers to assist with bottling the 2016 whites, Rose, and new Red - March 29th and 30th. Space is limited, so shoot 
 an email
​ to sign up​
sjvineyards@rockisland.com. We are hoping to do another Green Drinks at SJ Vineyards when it warms up - stay tuned! http://www.sanjuanvineyards.com

February's event will be at a central spot that you may know already know - The Bean! Owner Eric Bienenstock is very generously sponsoring this event. Come hang out 
​with your buddies ​
in your daytime coffee spot but in the 
​ -​
 with wine, beer and live music
​ by Jesse Berube and ​John Wheatley
Same time as always, 5 - 7
pm, and we will gather up and start announcements around 6:15pm. Please remember that we are an all-inclusive group, and your announcement/ event needs to be respectful and open to everyone. 

In summary, February's Thirsty Third Thursday is: 
Thursday, February 16th, 
 - 7pm
The Bean Cafe
150 1st St, Friday Harbor, WA 98250

Follow us!
  • This monthly email list - shoot me an email to sign up if you were forwarded!
  • Green Drinks Facebook
  • Instagram @GreenDrinksFH
  • www.greendrinks.or
Please recognize that by attending, photos maybe be taken and utilized on any of the above media
Try to keep chat positive and solution-oriented please! Remember that we are an all-inclusive group. 

Looking ahead - Upcoming Green Drinks 

Thursday, March 16th, 5 - 7pm
Location TBD

Thursday, April 20th, 5 - 7pm 
!! ** 
Location TBD

Thanks, and see you at a Green Drinks soon! 


*The world-famous Green Drinks is an international, unstructured, self-organizing network of environmental folks or those interested in getting involved. Friday Harbor's Green Drinks
​ ​
was established in spring 2015 and has been growing! We have a great mix of non-profit organizations, local government, academia, local business, kayak community, Friday Harbor Labs, general community and even a few passerby! Always the Third
​ ​
Thursday of the month (Thirsty Third Thursday!). Join us at this month's spot for a drink and some good chat. All are welcome!* www.greendrinks.org