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Friday Harbor Green Drinks







Hello, hello Green Drinks friends! 
Thanks for a super fun GD in October. Felt very festive in that lovely room at Mike's with the twinkly lights, and everyone was in ample good cheer. We also had some US Fish & Wildlife folks joining us from Olympia to chat about our special Island Marble Butterfly which was really interesting.  
November's Green Drinks will take place in a BRAND NEW location! Black Fish Bistro is generously sponsoring this event and will offer drink specials and nibbles. If it's wine you fancy, there will also be a wine tasting available from 4pm - 6pm for $5. (Come a little early, stay late? ;)
Located in the alley off First St across from The Bean in downtown Friday Harbor, Black fish opened in late August and is featuring 'farm-to-fork and tide-to-table Pacific Northwest Cuisine with a French flair'. Owner Hobbes Buchanan is working towards executing this vision which includes a dedication to providing locally sourced produce, sustainably caught seafood and maintaining a strong relationship with island farmers.
Come hear a little about the goals for Black Fish from Hobbes, the concept for the food from Executive Chef Joran (Dutch), and learn about the awesome wine program and upcoming events from General Manager Anna Lisa. Try a new drink and meet a new buddy! 
In summary, November's Thirsty Third Thursday is..
Thursday, November 17th, 5pm - 7pm
New Location! Black Fish Bistro 
140A First Street, FH 98250
A few bits to keep in mind:
  • You don't have to come for the whole event - pop in, grab a drink, meet a new buddy and leave when you need!
  • Many ways to follow us: this monthly email, our Facebook @GreenDrinksFridayHarbor, Instagram @GreenDrinksFH, and the international website www.greendrinks.org
  • Please recognize that by attending, photos maybe be taken and utilized on any of the above media. Please let me know if you are not ok with this. 
Looking ahead - Upcoming Green Drinks 
Thursday, December 15th 5pm - 7pm
Location TBD
Thursday, January 19th 5pm - 7pm
Location TBD

*The world-famous Green Drinks is an international, unstructured, self-organizing network of environmental folks or those interested in getting involved. Friday Harbor's Green Drinks was established in spring 2015 and has been growing! We have a great mix of non-profit organizations, local government, academia, local business, kayak community, Friday Harbor Labs, general community and even a few passerby! Always the Third Thursday of the month (Thirsty Third Thursday!). Join us at this month's spot for a drink and some good chat. All are welcome!* www.greendrinks.org