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All Green Drinks follow the Green Drinks Code. Read it to see how Green Drinks works and then apply to set up in your town or city. More tips and mentors are available once you have started. We are currently setting up about five new cities a week, so jump in!

The Green Drinks Code

1.  Green Drinks are Open

2.  Green Drinks are Freeform

3.  Green Drinks are Regular

4.  Green Drinks are Simple to Organise

5.  Green Drinks are Self-replicating

6.  Green Drinks are Local

7.  Green Drinks are Agenda Free

8.  Green Drinks are Decentralised

9.  Green Drinks are Non Profit

10.  Green Drinks are Run Responsibly

11.  Green Drinks are Fun

12.  Start A Green Drinks in Your City

Green Drinks Code Version 2.2 December 5th 2016


Sample invitation email:


WHAT:   Come to the world-famous *** Green Drinks ***
WHEN:   6.30 'til late, Tuesday 13th January 2009
RULE:   Second Tuesday of every month
WHERE:  DOWNSTAIRS  at our NEW VENUE The Glasshouse Stores, 55 Brewer Street, Soho.

HOW:    Walk, cycle, bus, tube: Picadilly Circus. Taxi OK  if more than 2 passengers ;)
WHO:    Anyone working on environmental issues or studying them
WHY:    Fun, contacts, alcohol (or not), info, gossip, inspiration, business and pleasure
NEW:    Just go up to someone and say "are you green?", and you'll be made welcome.
REMIND: To get on this email circulation list, send an email to: join [at] greendrinkslondon.co.uk

PRIVACY:This email list is ONLY for Green Drinks reminders. We will not give your email address to anyone else
STATUS: Informal, self-organising network. Every month since 1989. Average attendance: 70
GLOBAL: Now active in 430 cities worldwide! Australia | Belgium | Belize | Botswana | Brazil | Canada | Chile | China | Czech Republic | Denmark | Finland | France | Germany | Greece | Hong Kong | India | Ireland | Israel | Italy | Japan | Malta | Mexico | Netherlands | New Zealand | Norway | Philippines | Poland | Portugal | Singapore | South Africa | South Korea | Spain | Sweden | Switzerland | Thailand | UK | USA |

URL:    http://www.greendrinks.org
FORWARD: Please send this email on to others who might want to come!





Version 1.0 February 12th 2000

Original concept, based on organic principles

Version 2.0 April 10th 2002

Clarified county-level Green Drinks

Version 2.1 December 5th 2008

Added mailchimp, meetup and evite

Version 2.2 December 5th 2016

Added numbering