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Edinburgh Green Drinks

[Updated March 2014]

Edinburgh Green Drinks is an informal networking and social event. People who come along are from a wide variety of backgrounds - from those who may do a bit of recycling at home to those who work in an environmentally related field.

Everyone is welcome to come to our Green Drinks - you may want to network with the group or might just want to meet some nice, green-minded folk. Edinburgh Green Drinks has been meeting up since 2003 and attracts new members every month.

We meet at 6-8pm, on the last day of every month at The Royal Dick Bar in Summerhall, near the east end of The Meadows (for those who know Edinburgh a little!).  If the last day falls on a weekend we change it to a week day evening instead. There is usually a co-ordinator there to greet people and make introductions. 

To find out more on where and when this month's meeting is please sign up to our yahoo group and Edinburgh Green Drinks email list, please email - or do it yourself at

Or join our Facebook Group page -

Here's a link to the venue  - - The Operating Table in the room directly in front of you as you enter the bar is usually reserved for us.