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Past Newsletters from Green Drinks

Green Drinks News December 2010

Hello Green Drinks Organisers everywhere!
Hope you've all had a super 2010 and are enjoying a Solstice or Holiday break! I have a few news items for you:
More Attendance!
I think the main thing all Green Drinks organisers want to know is -- How to get better attendance? This means more people of course (though sometimes 30 people is just the right number, and at the other end of the spectrum the big cities are getting 100, 200, 300 and up!), but also more of the kind of people that especially make Green Drinks work so well -- quality as well as quantity (while still being open to all of course!).
There are some tips of course on the Tips FAQ which you'll find when you log in to your admin page on www.greendrinks.org but these haven't been changed in a while. So I thought it would be a good time, just after what may have been your biggest Green Drinks of the year, to pool all our ideas for getting better attendance.
So please ... let's hear your great tips ... use the Add News & Tips button to jot down a few ideas that could help other organisers achieve the success they are hoping for! Let's see what we can come up with! Thanks!

How to Hand Over to Another Organiser
Often people email me to say they are moving on (and often they start another Green Drinks in their new location!) and while I am always happy to hear your news, the admin can be completely handled by yourself:
  • Just log in as normal and edit 'Your Details' to change the login, password, contact name and email to whomever you choose. Then send them their new details so they can log in and update everything.
  • Alternatively, log in as normal and click 'Deactivate' to take your page off. Then ask the new organiser to set up their own new page at http://www.greendrinks.org/starting.htm

Emailing Edwin and Mentors
OK, I know I'm not always the speediest respondent to email queries -- I only get a a short time each week to coordinate Green Drinks worldwide. What normally happens is you'll either get a quick reply, or your email will end up in the big pile and take a week or two. If you need a response before I can back get to you, then please try asking your mentor as well.
"Mentor? What mentor?" I hear you say  -- well just login as normal and click the 'Find Mentor' button and you can choose some local or amenable-looking person from a list of great Green Drinks organisers who know the ropes and are willing to help and don't bite! They'll be happy to guide you and don't be shy about trying a couple of them as they are all busy people too ...
New mentors are always welcome BTW, so if you want to help, you can sign up using the 'Mentor Status' button ...

Growth in 2010
We've have 231 new cities join since the last newsletter in January, that's similar to last year, so our rate of increase is slowing but that's still a lot of growth!

Creation of New Green Drinks Cities:
2006    44
2007    85
2008    115
2009    226
2010    231
Growth has been completely organic so far, any ideas on how to make it continue to spread?

... Dormant Sweep
There are still a few dormant cities, and my regular sweep will be taking place soon, so please make sure you have logged in and updated your page
-- and I have improved the password reminder page to make it even easier if you have forgetten your login: 
    Lost Password?: http://greendrinks.org/lostpwd.php
Any pages that have not been updated in the last 6 months will get on the list to be removed!

That's all for now.
Happy Green Drinking!
Edwin Datschefski
Founder and International Coordinator
Green Drinks



Green Drinks News April 2010
Hello Green Drinks Organisers everywhere!
The big news is:
Green Drinks Organizers Meeting, May 20-21, Chicago!
Building on the success of the first such gathering (Seattle, Sept. 2009), Green Drinks organizers from across the country and world are invited to Chicago to share resources, discuss challenges and opportunities, and form mutually beneficial connections to take their events to the next level.

Attendance at the 1.5 day event is open to organizers of Green Drinks of any size and location.

There is cost to register, only a nominal fee to cover two meals that will be provided.

Complete information:


Please help spread the word and forward this to other Green Drinks organizers you know!

Peter Nicholson

(Foresight Design Initiative & Chicago Green Drinks)

P.S. For those who may be interested, the big Chicago Green Festival is scheduled for May 22-23. See: www.greenfestivals.org

P.P.S. Any logistical questions that can't be answered by the web page can be directed to Kari McLennan, our amazing volunteer event coordinator, kari.mclennan@gmail.com


Deals on Eco Clothes, Jewelry and Body Care
In these credit crunch times it's nice to see Green Drinkers being resourceful. Eric Routenberg of Green Drinks Mason has kindly worked out a deal with a firm in Canada to give us a discount on the pricing of any of the goods they find on their Eco-gear site www.eco-gear.ca
After making your choice of items, type the word 'greendrinks', all as one word, into the discount space and you will see the discount applied.
They can also set you up with a deal where you get a discount code for your own Green Drinks, so your members are able to purchase any of the items in their shop at a discounted price PLUS all purchases will earn your group a percentage of the net sale.
Thanks, Eric!
Any other deals or fundraising tips like this, please post them on the 'News and Tips' page or email Edwin with them for the next edition of this newsletter.

Handovers and Your Email
To be taken off this mailing list, or to change the email these get sent to, please log in and amend 'Your Details'.
You can have more than one person by using commas like this:
It's also a great way to hand over to a new organiser -- just give them your login and they then update their details. They can amend the login and password how they like.
Alternatively, just click the 'Deactivate' button on the admin page, and your page will no longer be seen. Then the new organiser can set up their own page and login using the secret link.

Spring is Here!
The long-awaited sun and warmth (at least here in England) makes me think of outdoor Green Drinks -- at the London GD in the summer we used to have a little outdoor annex GD in the nearby park for those who wanted to sit under a tree and connect with nature. I know Victoria, BC also run an annual GD outside the city and outdoors -- people get there by foot, bike, canoe or any other non-fossil means ...
Maybe now's the time to have think about a fun event for the summer for your Green Drinks!


That's all for now.
Edwin Datschefski
Founder and International Coordinator
Green Drinks

Green Drinks News January 2010

Hello Green Drinks Organisers everywhere!
Hope you're all having a great 2010! I have a few news items for you:

New URLs!
Over Christmas I got round to some programming and with a fairly major rewrite we now have 'clean URLs' which means much better SEO and google presence and a bunch of other geeky stuff behind the scenes. The main upshot for you folks is a much simpler way to link to your page, eg:
If you are in the USA or Canada, you'll also need to add your state as a two-letter code, eg:
The old way of linking should still work, but please check and update any links you have from other sites that link to greendrinks.org.

Green Drinks in Different Languages
I just put French and German navigation menus on greendrinks.org, and of course now I realise that the basics (main intro page, and start a new city page) also need to be in French or German too -- any takers to do a quick translation? Other languages welcome too ...

Structures, Incorporations

I've had a few queries recently about how to receive sponsorship money -- in most cases sponsorship is 'in kind', in the form of printing or provision of a venue or food etc. Where it is a financial payment the organiser puts the money in their bank account and then spends it on something Green Drinks-related. When there is a more than a few dollars involved, or there are several people organising the Green Drinks, then they may set up a separate bank account to keep things transparent. In situations with large Green Drinks (150+ attendees for example) then it may make sense to incorporate as a non-profit limited liability company. Another, more common approach is to make the Green Drinks a project of a larger host organisation like an environmental group (NGO).

Visit Green Drinks when you travel
I'm often suprised to hear that people have visited another city or country and not checked out the local Green Drinks there -- go! It is like a worldwide newtwork of cool people, you will usually get VIP treament as a visiting guest and you get to hear all the local gossip too ...