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Scranton Green Drinks

Green Drinks Scranton is held every second Tuesday of the month at Jack's Draft House, 802 Prescott Ave,Scranton (Hill Section) .

Contact: jess.scranton [at]

Please circulate!


Jack's Draft House,� 802 Prescott Ave,Scranton (Hill Section)�

When: Every 2nd�Tuesday of the month


Why:��We thought you�d fit right in!�Green Drinks is a casual social gathering for people from all professional and personal walks of life who are interested in creating a "greener" local environment and economy. We get together to discuss ideas, and see what comes out of it. This is a community event open to freelancers, consultants, business people,�students, academics, non-profit and government employees, and�anyone interested in participating! �It's a great way to catch up with people you know and make new contacts. Bring friends. If you�re new, we�ll make you feel welcome. There�s always a different crowd, making Green Drinks an�organic, self-organizing network.��Green Drink events are held in cities around the world. Let's put Scranton on the map as being among the forward thinking cities.�

Spreading the word:�

Scranton Green Drinks takes place on�the 2nd Tuesday of every month. Simple huh! Please forward this link ( to friends, colleagues and organizations you think might enjoy attending.

Green Drinks On-line:

Continue the conversation with other Green Drinks members by joining our Facebook group. �Search for�"Green Drinks Scranton."

About Jack's Draft House:
JACK`S DRAFT HOUSE is a quiet neighborhood bar located in the heart of Scranton`s Hill Section. They are open 7 days a week from 5pm till 2 am. tel.570 344 7040. For more, please look for them on facebook (search Jacks Draft House).
Fun Fact: Green Drinks Scranton began on January 12, 2010!