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Medford Green Drinks



A monthly gathering bringing environmental, economic and social inspiration, ideas, information, networking, and of course, drinks!

We are  excited to announce a new venue for our gatherings.


You are invited to Medford Green Drinks this Monday June 1st @ South Stage Cellars in Jacksonville to hear Conrad Rogman speak about natural Building:

Conrad  Rogmans-International Educator

Host: South Stage Cellars

About Coenraad Rogmans

I am a native of the Netherlands, where I “grew up” and went to college. I graduated as a teacher in Health Education. We were taught not so much what was healthy and what was not, but more how we could help students make decisions in the context of their health that were well-balanced choices. Avoiding disease or living a long time, although interesting desires, were not at the center of the discussion. We rather emphasized freedom, choice, happiness, consciousness and connections to the community.
I love teaching natural building. My experience is that everyone can do it, the materials and techniques are very forgiving and people produce beautiful structures almost without exception. This makes the whole experience very uplifting and hopeful. Natural building is not just about building. It is also about health, community, empowerment, creativity and fun.

I hope to meet you this coming Monday at South Stage Cellars!


 Monday June 1st, 2015!

South Stage Cellars
125 S 3rd St, Jacksonville

If you are interested in learning more please  Email or call

  Medford Green Drinks

...fosters connections, raises awareness and catalyzes the movement toward a more vibrant and sustainable Southern Oregon. It is a dynamic forum for those looking for information and connections related to environmental and sustainability issues. Networking is enhanced through the promotion of local innovators, businesses and champions of sustainability. Keeping business local is a primary message of our organization.

Serving as a lively venue for both networking and education, each Green Drinks event features a presentation meant to provide information and to spur further discussion. Topics span the range of triple-bottom-line sustainability with an attempt made to explore new angles and often overlooked themes. Presentations typically last for 20 minutes followed by lively discussion and questions from the gathering. Additional time is provided to encourage connections, the exchange of ideas and goals, and have some fun!

Medford Green Drinks is part of International Green Drinks, a popular movement that is gathering and networking people around sustainability all over the world.

Come enjoy timely and innovative topics, network with sustainably-oriented folks from around the valley. Relax and enjoy great company at various locations for our gatherings.

Warm thanks to our generous sponsors:


Let's grow Green Drinks!

Please share this announcement with friends and associates, bring your business cards, and bring a friend!

If you'd like to sponsor Green Drinks please let us know.

Hosted by:
Don McCoy, donmccoy@johnlscott.com

CONTACT:  Don McCoy, 541-773-8200
or Heather McNeill

REMINDER: To get on our email circulation list, leave your email at the event or send an email to: DonMcCoy@JohnLScott.com