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Hamilton, Ontario Green Drinks

Tuesday March 29, 2016  -Homegrown Hamilton, 27 King William St.. Hamilton

Doors open 6:00pm

Presentation: 7:00pm It's Not Over Yet!  Saving 6,000 acres of farmland

Join us. Great people interested in our environmental future + a really friendly crowd = Green Drinks Gathering.  Tonight our immediate neighbours, Brant County, will tell us about the biggest land grab of farmland in recent Ontario history and what we can do to help stop it.   Discussion on next steps will follow over drinks. with some laid back fun to finish   

Food and drink available (of course).  Arrive before 6:30 to order off the menu

accessible * near bus stop * $$ parking available

Peter, Laurel & Dave - your Green Drinks Hosts - just say 'are you green' and we'll introduce you around 

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So many smiling faces, so little time.

Green Drinks Trivia: When Green Drinks Hamilton was born in 2006, it was the 116th city - now there are over 500! When you travel, look for one near you!. (Green Drinks Team 2006)