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Noosa Green Drinks

Is next on: Thursday 23 November 2017 5.30 - 7pm (normally it is the last Thursday of the month but this time it is the week earlier)

Venue: Moto, 66 Noosa Drive, Noosa Heads

Contact: sheelin coates at sheelincoates [at] yahoo.com.au

Note that this is the final Green Drinks session for the year and they will resume in February, after the summer break. Unless of course, you would like to organise an event in the interim .... then let me know!


Green Drinks is a global movement comprising forward thinking people with a passion for Conservation, Sustainability and the Environment

Green Drinks is in 60 countries with over 750 Chapters. 

Green Drinks is a monthly event for socialising, activism and professional networking among environmentally-minded local individuals. Essentially, the aim is for Green Drinks to be a social think-tank with the environment as the common denominator. 

Green Drinks are agenda-free and non-politically aligned.

The intention is for Green Drinks to be an organic, self-organising network. Everyone invites someone else along, so there’s always a different crowd.

So if you think that this might be your thing, come along, bring an eco-minded friend & spread the word .... and hopefully together, we can make Green Drinks Noosa a force for the environmental good!

Cost:     FREE entry, buy your own drinks/ food

Details for Green Drinks events and venues can be found at:     


Please note: It is important ensure that Green drinks stay consistent with the international Green Drinks 'directive' and that it be an authentic vehicle for like minded people with a common passion in all things green' to meet and to share and learn. It is not a vehicle for selling products or trying to drum up business. When attending Green Drinks, or inviting others, please keep that in mind. However Green Drinks also presents an opportunity for education and increasing general awareness in a casual social environment.