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Newburgh Green Drinks


Green Drinks Newburgh

...the Unofficial Green Drinks of the Hudson Valley! 

We meet on the third (thirsty!) Thursday of the month for networking, fun, information, inspiration, business and pleasure!

When: Next event is TBD!

Where: The Wherehouse, 119 Liberty Street, Newburgh, NY

Who we are:  Green Drinks is an open forum for people who work with or are interested in environmental issues (academia, business, government, environmental groups, and individuals).  Anyone can come to discuss their thoughts and opinions related to environmental issues or anything else!  There is no 'us and them'.  This is just a fun way to meet new people who happen to share a common interest in the environment.

Attendees are encouraged to actively invite people to the meetings.  We all are committed to meeting new people and not just sticking with people we already know. If you are new, just go up to someone and ask, “Are you green?”, and you’ll be made welcome.  

For more information, please email the cofounders of Green Drinks Newburgh, Amanda Christel and Liz Baird, at gdnewburgh[at]gmail.com or visit the Green Drinks Newburgh facebook page.


Think globally – drink locally!