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Auburn NY Green Drinks


Auburn Green Drinks Welcomes You

Auburn Green Drinks asks anyone who might be interested in networking with others who are enthusiastic or knowledgeable about sustainability to please take the time to host an event.  

If there are any individuals in the community who are knowledgeable or interested in pursuing future events or informal networking meetings....the only way it will happen is.... if you step forward.


Great Community Successes:

And we also have great examples of responsible corporations within our community...such as Welch Allyn's LEED certified plant...and Nucor that manufactures only by recycling scrap.  

So a very special Thank You to all who have attended events or any of our networking meetings in the past.  We look forward to future participation from any and all who want to make Auburn a truly "green" community.  Auburn has a real depth of "green" talent and a sincere interest in improving sustainability...we invite you to share that talent with others in your community! 


Being Green in the FingerLakes means having fun...learning new things...and keeping things interesting.  If you've resolved to be "green" then help by sponsoring an event....it's a great way to meet new people with "green" interests that are changing our planet.

If you have questions about this informal networking group or want to get involved in planning future meeting venues or topics please contact: Jzane@pinnacle-llc.com  .


Kick Back....Learn, Network 

GOAL: A monthly meet and greet for people who have a common interests in green or sustainable practices in the Auburn NY area.   It's a time to perhaps plan field trips or other activities with people who share an interest in learning about how to live well in our future green economy.  Interests are varied, but that just means there's more to learn!  So walk, ski, bike, sled, bus or take a car (while petrol is still cheap enough to do that) and come visit!  Perhaps you can throw around some green ideas or maybe just have a drink and unwind a bit.  Saving the world is hard work after all.  Either way, hope to see you there!

WHO:    Anyone thinking about or working on environmental issues or studying them as a career or hobby.

WHY:    Fun, contacts, alcohol (or not), info, gossip, inspiration, business and pleasure.  Just go up to someone and say "are you green?", and you'll be made welcome.

WHEN/WHERE: ???  It is up to you.

Contact Janet Zane at Jzane@pinnacle-llc.com  anytime you want to talk about Green happenings or ideas for the Auburn Green Drinks group.