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Southern NSW Green Drinks

Welcome All to GreenDrinks Southern NSW.

There are a lot of environmental types in all colours, creeds, shapes and sizes, uniformed and paid, NGOs, volunteers, or just madly enthusiastic, but also an increasing number of eco-entrepreneurs with the aim of doing good by doing business. 

But even with occassional clusters of employment, opportunities, and groups in some places, environmental types often only know others in their own profession, trade, occupation, employment, friends or community groups, or for some loners, no one close at all.  

So having talked with mates Engineer Jason Shepherd, Environmental Lawyer to be, Ed Mylonas, TAFE Teacher & Horticulturalist Andrew Cook and Renewable Energy constructor Rob MacGregor, and a stack of others over the years, I've kicked this off. 

Living and working over a fair bit of Southern NSW, I know that we are all pretty scattered.  So like rare fish in a deep ocean, we do not ofter bumb into people outside our immediate circiles.  But the possibilities for research, education, communication, activism, employment, entrepreneurs, inventors, swarming of businesses and action groups, new careers, new business and new businesses, making new friends, even dating, mating and marriage, are endless and the outcomes potentially world-changing !

So as time allows we will be promoting this in conventional media across the Southern NSW region... basically south and southwest of Sydney to the Victorian border from Eden to Albury. 

Once GD Southern NSW gets the numbers in any of the larger towns or bioregions, and someone or a few are prepared to set up and run their own Green Drinks, we would hope that the spin offs start happening in Alburn, Wagga, Junee, Bega, Eden, Nowra, Moruya, Batemans Bay, Nowra, Cooma, the Southern Highlands and Goulburn, and maybe even in Young, Cootamundra and Junee too (sorry if I've left out anyone).  

But as a Green Drinks has not emerged in these areas, this is a digital version aimed at getting the face to face happening sooner rather than later, in as many places across the region.  

There is another logic in the regional approach, as I know many of us travel across our own catchments, council areas, districts, biomes and bioregions for work, activism, bird watching, fishing, installing renewable energy, environmental regulation, education, sales, contracting and consultancy work to name a few of the hundreds of reasons.... 

Once the noise of the Federal Election is over, and we have some good numbers up, I'll do a poll of the best night to get together in Goulburn to start off with. 

The reason I'm not picking a day at the moment, is that we need to get the best fit first.  So in the mean time please spread the word and the web address.  We'll also operate via Facebook and Twitter too. 

Is next on:   October,  date to be finalised 

Venue: TBA

Contact: David Marsden-Ballard at sacredearthworks [at] gmail.com  or 0424 419869