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Munich Green Drinks

Welcome to Green Drinks in Munich,

Here in Bavaria we are also called "Muenchner Umweltstammtisch", meaning "Munich Environmental Round Table".

Everyone working in the environmental and sustainability area is welcome. 

We exist since more than fifteen years.

We are young and mid-age professionals working in very different areas of environmental protection and sustainability. We meet the second Thursday of every month at alternating locations for presentations, good talks, a beer and more.

Please feel free to contact us to obtain details regarding location and confirmation of the date. You could also find us at Xing within the groups section under "MUS".

We are closely connected to the respective tables in Hamburg, Berlin and Frankfurt. Members of these four "round tables" meet once a year in one of those four cities. Our next annual meeting 2016 will take place in Munich.

For more details, contact: Muenchener Umweltstammtisch (MUS) twotomes ad aol dot com or via Xing.

Best regards.