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Gaithersburg Green Drinks



Travilah Oak Green Networking Event!
 Take your time to see this historic TTake your Take This nThis New Year take your time to see this historic Travilah Oak Tree in North Potomac, and Join us for a great green networking event, followed by a talk about the ground and surface water issues in Maryland, organized by Gaithersburg Green Drinks and Muddy Branch Alliance.
When: Tue Jan 22
  • 6pm – 7pm - Social Networking with Gaithersburg Green Drinks
  • 7pm 8:30pm - What about our Ground Water? by Mike Eisner, Geologist, Maryland Department of the Environment, State Groundwater Discharge Permits Division
Where: Shangai Cafe, 12944 Travilah Road, Potomac, MD.
The Travilah Oak at the Potomac Oak Center at the corner of Glen and Travilah roads in Potomac, is a white oak estimated by the Maryland Forest Service to be 275 years old.
Green Drinks is an informal network of people interested in Environmental issues who catch-up over a drink after work. Come along, it is an opportunity for the local sustainability community to socialize, network, share and learn from one another. It is a great way of catching up with people you know and also for making new contacts. We expect a lively mix of people: Business people, Consultants, Students, Academicians, Government and others. Green drinks is active in 270 cities worldwide!
For more information/ sponsorship/ speaker
CONTACT:   Bala ( @ 240.599.4900


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For more information/ sponsorship/ speaker  

CONTACT: BALA  240.744.4900


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 Green Drinks April Invite IMAGE by you.

On Earth Day, Wednesday, April 22, 2009, Green Drinks chapters throughout the Chesapeake Bay watershed will come together to stage a same-day gathering in their respective cities, attempting to top the world attendance record of 1,800 set in Melbourne, Australia, and to rally support for action to improve the health of the Chesapeake Bay.  Many participating locations will be partnering with local non-profit groups on awareness of their locale’s Chesapeake Bay Watershed.  Growlers will be a Gaithersburg Green Drink's participating location. 

We expect this to be the world’s largest gathering of Green Drinks! 

That night, we will launch a letter writing campaign, partnering with the Chesapeake Bay Foundation’s campaign of letters to EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson asking the EPA to enforce the Clean Water Act for the benefit of the Chesapeake Bay. 

  “Green Drinks has come up with a unique way to make Earth Day really count for the Chesapeake Bay and have fun at the same time,” said William C. Baker, president of the Chesapeake Bay Foundation. “It's so important that all of us let EPA know that we demand they get tough on pollution. CBF commends Green Drinks for their participation in speaking out for clean water this Earth Day and showing their commitment to saving the Bay.” 

WHAT:      Gaithersburg Green Drinks Making Waves for the Chesapeake Bay – Earth Day 2009 

WHEN:         Earth Day Wednesday, April 22, 2009 at 5:30 til................

WHERE:          Gaithersburg Green Drinks is at Growler’s in Olde Town Gaithersburg. Check here for other participating locations

GOOD CAUSE:        All the proceeds will go to the City of Gaithersburg's Environmental efforts and Chesapeake Bay Foundation.

WHO:              All who care about the Environment and Chesapeake Bay are invited to be a part of this historical event!  

GET INVOLVED:  We are planning a record breaking event and would like to get the community involved. There will be local vendors/businesses set up throughout to showcase how they are playing a part in helping our environment. 

CONTACT: CATHY TRACY BALA 301.590.8900/240.744.4900
     Please RSVP for this event:

 Also join us in facebook Gaithersburg Green Drinks

   Some pictures from our March Green Drinks:

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  Some pictures from our February Green Drinks:

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Some pictures of our October Green Drinks:



redwood at bethesda by you.

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See some pictures of our 3rd Gaithersburg Green Drinks:

DSC04215 by you.

GPI - Lew Brode & DBI Architects - Marcy Trepke

DSC04226 by you.

GPI Winona Leaman, Jamal Anwar & FER Design Group - Sarah

DSC04230 by you.

Speaker GPI - Lew Brode

DSC04232 by you.


DSC04216 by you.

GPI Igor Livshin, Holbert Apple Associates – David Holbert

The Protection Engineering Group - Benjamin Casey

 DSC04218 by you.

DVA - Kevin Clark, Coakley Williams - Neil Becker & DVA - Lilly Wang

 DSC04220 by you.


GPI - Lew Brode & SBD - Bala

DSC04219 by you.

GPI Enrique Gurdian, Hughes Group Architects - Jackie Clerol & GPI - Lew Brode


See some pictures of our 2nd Gaithersburg Green Drinks:


P8190017 by you.

CBRE-Sandy, HTRICK-Eric, Howard County-Diane & Elsen Energy - Ann

P8190013 by you.

Elsen Energy - Ann & SBD - Tracy

P8190007 by you.

Appetizers Sponsored by One Source Associates

P8190005 by you.

First Call - Chris, SBD - Lisa & GPI - Dunstan

P8190012 by you.

One Source - Jackie & SBD - Bala

P8190002 by you.

GPI - Winona, Enrique, Chesapeake Lighting - Elaine & others

See some pictures of our 1st Gaithersburg Green Drinks:





DVA - Randy, SBD - Tracy & ARM - Amy

Sylvania - Chuck, Mandy & Retired EPA - Chris & Terry

SBD - Tracy & GPI - Winona

City of Gaithersburg, Environmental Affairs - Eli, Meredith & Erica

SBD - Bala, GPI - Winona & SDK - Priya

SBD - Guest Speaker: Rick Donnally

SBD - Lisa & Mandy