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Kuala Lumpur Green Drinks

Next on: 17th December 2013, from 8pm
Venue: Pusat Rakyat Loyar Burok
3-4 Jalan Bangsar Utama 3, 4th Floor, 59000

As the last Tuesday of the month is New Year's Eve, this month's Green Drinks is on the 17th. Because of this change we are holding a joint event with MESYM) at a different venue - Pusat Rakyat Loyar Burok (Bangsar LRT). Please NOTE THE CHANGES!

We will be screening Blue Gold: World Water Wars, a 2008 documentary film by Sam Bozzo. 

This film examines environmental and political implications of the planet’s dwindling water supply, and posits that wars in the future will be fought over water. If you thought the wars over oil was bad... water, I think, will take Resource Wars to a whole new level.

We have also invited Water Resources & Environmental Management Consultant & Trainer Dr Lee Jin to comment on the film and lead the post-film discussion. Dr Lee Jin has work experience as a civil engineer, lecturer in a university, specialist water resources and environmental management consultant, information management specialist, technical workshop organiser, facilitator and trainer. He has also taken senior executive honorary positions in environmental and water resources NGOs in Malaysia, including UNDP’s Cap-Net, MyWP - Malaysian Water Partnership and ENSEARCH.




Anyone with an interest in local and international environmental and sustainability issues - all ages, backgrounds and groups - non-profits, academia, government, small business, big business, self-employed, volunteers, students, concerned citizens, curious people... and everything in between. T-Shirt or a suit, come as you are. Call in for 10 minutes or stay as long as you like. You don't even to have a drink to be a Green Drinker!

Fun, contacts, drinks, info, gossip, inspiration, business, and pleasure.

The last Tuesday of every month, from 8pm

Mulberry Restaurant & Bar, 9 Jalan Ampang (in the Ming Building Annexe, at the bottom of Bukit Nenas)

FREE! No fees. Buy your own drinks... or practice the art of persuassion on a friend!

Step 1: Arrive and get a drink and/or food.

Step 2: Mingle.

Not sure how? The most common method is to randomly start listening in on whatever conversation is going on... eavesdropping and lurking are socially acceptable (and essential skills) at Green Drinks!

Green Drinkers are welcome to display cards, brochures, info sheets, posters, magazines, newsletters etc on the table... just remember to take whatever is left on the table away with you when you leave.

These are always welcome. Please email one of the organisers. Join our Facebook Group... start and participate in discussions there.

Contact: stevemccoy1@mac.com for more details