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Karlsruhe Green Drinks

Green Drinks Karlsruhe is in its early stages. This group is present to discuss issues regarding climate change and how we might bring the larger observations down to a local level. For example, The organizer of Green Drinks Karlsruhe is in part responsible for Karlsruhe Climathon 2017. Beyond that, we hope to connect like-minded people in the same space for fun and a relaxed time. We welcome all.


Is next on: Monday, Nov 27 2017; 1900 to 2100

Venue: Brüsseler..., Leopoldshafen

Contact for Details: Aaron Gilbee at aaron.gilbee [at] outlook.com

THE THREE GREEN DOUBLOONs: Somewhere in Karlsruhe, a secret small green drinks event occurs within a small group of people. Three Green Doubloons change hands during a meeting to a participant, whereby their holders are charged to hold their own green drinks event within 3 weeks. The new holder plans and runs the event however they wish with the previous doubloon holder and posts a picture of their meeting location tagged with #greendoubloon on Instagram or Twitter. #greendoubloon. Who are the #greendoubloon holders this time?