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Hout Bay Green Drinks



 Join the mailing list at www.greenliving.co.za
VENUE: Avalon VIllage Hout Bay Main Rd. Opposite Green Acres Close.
TIME: 7pm for 7.30 . Organic, vegetarian meals available beforehand.

contact angie@greenhoutbay.org


May 29th 2013 : The Revenge of the Electric Car


January 30th 2013

Can Hout Bay Grow it's own Food?

 Food Security is a topic that affects us all. No matter what lies ahead in these fast changing times, a suburb that is not dependent on external supply chains will be in a far better position to weather these challenges.

Urban farms are springing up in cities all over the world, reducing transportation pollution, creating jobs, offering access to healthier, fresher, less packaged food.

Come along to this lively discussion with our panel of speakers. We welcome your questions. and comments.


12th December 2012

This month, Join us for a year end party at the opening of Avalon Village, A new ORGANIC FARM, FARMSTALL, VEGETARIAN RESTAURANT AND YOGA DOME. Cnr Hout Bay Main Rd and Greenacres Close.


14th November 2012

The Green E-CON-omy – why it is NOT going to save the world or you

This month we are having a high-powered panel discussion with two leading environmentalists in Cape Town, Muna Lakhani from Earthlife Africa and Andy Le May from icologie.

The discussion will be around the biggest challenges we face, both globally, nationally and locally, how we can shift our economic systems to drive well-being and sustainability, as well as practical things we need to do that will make a difference

Join us in thinking outside the box and fire questions for a lively discussion!



9th October 2012


A maize variety that accounts for 40% of our national crop has just been shown to cause tumours and liver and kidney damage in lab rats.

The implications of this are huge, especially for South Africa since one cannot buy non GM maize anymore.  Millions of people are eating toxic maize everyday and have no choices for GM-free options.
GM maize in other countries is only fed to livestock, or biofuel, but for some reason it has been approved for human consumption in SA. 
Maize is also used in many processed foods (corn starch) and at this stage labelling is not compulsory. Pronutro and Cerelac baby cereal are just two examples with over 70% GM Maize and GM Soya  - and are unlabelled as such. GM Soy is now in every loaf of supermarket bread!
Russia has just banned the import of GM Maize and there have been demonstrations all over Europe since this news broke. Yet SA is strangely quiet.

If you’d like to know more about this issue join us for an interesting talk this coming Tuesday by Haidee Swansby from the African Centre for Biosafety.
The ACB has just called on the government to ban GM maize in this country .


8th August 2012

Hi Folks
This month we are having a friendly networking social evening for all green-minded people in the Valley, and
the launch of a new online GREEN DIRECTORY for Hout Bay, www.greenhoutbay.org
Join us this Wednesday evening at 7pm. We’ll have a short talk at 7.30 introducing the new website as well as some interesting happenings in the Bay including the upcoming
Hout Bay Green Faire and show a great 5 minute video on making real change.
All ‘green’ suppliers, producers, service providers, alternative therapists, creatives, ngo’s etc. are welcome to bring cards and flyers - lets meet and get to know each other.

There are so many pro-active people doing amazing things in Hout Bay. Come and introduce yourselves and share what you do, or just come along and meet some interesting movers and shakers.
We’ll have a cosy fire, some music, tea, coffee and snacks and a pot of gluwein. Feel free to bring anything to add to the table and your favourite drinks. This is a community participation gathering .... and so is the new website.
Our new Green Directory will be a tool to facilitate conscious choices for a greener environment and healthier living, a way to find local options first, and a free platform for suppliers to promote themselves. But it needs your input.

So please join us for some local PartYcipation. In the light of global environmental and economic crises and many systems approaching breaking point, it can only help if we get to know our community, build our local economy, support ethical companies, and take a stand against products and services that do not support a sustainable world. 

Hope to see you there


11th July 2012

Exploring Free Energy

A discussion about the possibility of energy without an energy grid.

Many believe the technology for free energy already exists. 

We'll be showing a couple of fascinating short videos and open the floor to a lively chat about this important subject, that, if true and allowed to be released, would change everything.

7 for 7.30pm, till about 9pm

Address: English in Africa School, Hout Bay Main rd, Opposite Greenacres Close (near Oakhurst Kwikspar)





13th June 2012

Table Mountain - Sacred Sites and Energy Centers, Crystal Grids and Ley Lines
Dean Liprini
This month we have an Archeo-Astronomer / Researcher / Geomancer and Author, who has spent over 24 years researching local Sacred Sites.

Dean Liprini is the re-discoverer of the Sacred Sunpath Sites, having found an extensive network of Sacred Stones, Springs and Ancient Burial Caves. These are woven together across more than 700 km at the Southern Tip of Africa to form a “Light Grid”    This is an Ancient Celestial calendar defined by the cardinal directions of the Sunrise and Sunset of the Summer and Winter Solstices and the Equinoxes.

This mysterious grid network of geometrically aligned solar and lunar observatories is an astonishing archeo-astronomical discovery that can shed more light on our ancient African ancestry and spirituality.

Dean has not only explored the archeology, astronomy, geology, geography and history of these sites, but also the sacred geometries, and the spiritual and metaphysical healing aspects enshrined within these sacred sites. It seems the early people of South Africa were far more intelligent, respectful and in tune with the life forces and nature that supported them than we have imagined.

In next week's talk  he discusses where and what  these sacred places are, who or what made them, how they effect us, how they can heal us, what potential they hold, if we can still use them, how they could be connected to the stars and star beings.

Dean's Book "Pathways of the Sun" & Dvd's will be available for sale. 

Having read the book and seen the video, I would highly recommend anyone living in Cape Town to own a copy of this profoundly interesting information.  It has certainly opened up a whole new appreciation for living in Hout Bay, which holds several of these sacred places.

Join us for a fascintating presentation this coming Wednesday.


Please forward to friends who may be interested.
If you are not on the mailing list you can subscribe at www.greenliving.co.za


Wed 9th May


Electromagnetic Radiation:
Dangers of the wireless revolution

With the proliferation of wireless operators, increased cellphone traffic, a growing number of masts to accommodate 3G and 4G technology and the imminent threat of smart metres it is more important than ever to educate ourselves, our youth and our communities on the cumulative effects of electromagnetic radiation.

This in parallel with an exploration of practical solutions and alternatives as we attempt to harness the benefits technology can offer without compromising our environment, health and the wellbeing of future generations.
We are told that there is no cause for concern when it comes to cellphone and wifi technology, but growing awareness of the health threats have escalated following the World Health Organisation’s reclassification of radio frequency radiation as a possible carcinogen.  The incidence of brain tumours has increased by over 50% since 1999.
People have a choice about whether to use cell phones or not, but this choice doesn’t apply to people forced to live in the immediate vicinity of base stations. In other countries these are increasingly being removed from school grounds and residential areas as more scientific evidence comes to light and communities become better informed.

Our speakers next week will be Justine (Bsc Maths,CompSci & BA Eng) & Julian Hansen (BBusSci CompSci) who run their own IT business. With three young children and the ongoing threat of a cellphone tower on an adjacent property, they spent years researching the risks in their spare time to more thoroughly substantiate their concerns. They have some very interesting information to share.

Please join us for this important talk on Wednesday 9th May




Wed 18th April - Documentary


In the past fifty years there have been great changes in what we eat. Agriculture and food processing have become more industrialized, and our foods have been taken from their natural state.

Genetically Modified seed and the foods grown from them are now in more and more processed foods we buy at the supermarket.

This explosive documentary reveals what the biotech industry doesn't want you to know - how industry manipulation and political collusion allows dangerous genetically engineered food into your daily diet. Company research is rigged, alarming evidence of health dangers is covered up, and intense political pressure applied.  Evidence is stolen. Data is omitted or distorted. Government employees who complain are harassed, stripped of responsibilities, or fired. Laboratory rats fed a GM crop developed stomach lesions and seven of the forty died within two weeks.

In an independent in-depth feeding study, evidence showed alarming health dangers. When the scientist tried to alert the public, he lost his job and was silenced with threats of a lawsuit. There were internal memos by FDA scientists, warning of toxins, allergies, and new diseases – all ignored by their superiors, including a former attorney for Monsanto.

I encourage you to watch this documentary and you’ll be amazed (as I was) about the dangers of GMO foods and amazing study where junk food was removed from a school in the USA and what they saw was a complete turn around in behaviour. Totally amazing.

Glen Ashton from EcoGaia will introduce the movie and answer questions about GM foods in South Africa, what products have GMO's and the GM Labeling Campaign.

Bedrock Manor, 8 Hughenden Rd, Hout Bay, 

7 for 7.30 pm




NO Nukes, NO Fracking and NO Building on Chappies !

Despite passionate public objection to many government decisions regarding the resources of our country, in each case it seems corporate stakeholders hold more sway than the public.

... I have invited a few passionate people who head up protest movements on these issues, to give us a short, sharp lowdown on what's up with:

- despite the chaos of Fukushima - Peter Becker from the Koeberg Alert Alliance, who visited Japan last month for a global anti nuclear conference.

- despite the global reports of horrendous side effects - Jonathan Deal from the Save the Karoo movement

- despite strong public and media protest and options for cheaper more modern tolling solutions - Bronwen Lankers Byrne from the Protect Chapman's Peak movement will give updates and perspectives on what we're facing.

Join us for a lively evening. Each speaker will have 15 minutes to present - we'llhave a short tea break and then a panel discussion with the three spekers fielding our questions.
Time: 7. for 7.30pm  to 9.30 ish.
Date: Wed 11th April
Cost: R20.


map to venue


MARCH 7TH 2012


A very useful talk with Les Squires, Social Media Expert from the USA.

There is no wifi at the venue, but a connection is not essential. If you have 3g, bring along your laptop/smartphone

See www.greenliving.co.za for map


 Earth Artistry:
The joy of wholesome living

Our guest speaker this month invites you to explore your connection with Mother Nature.

Jenny Louw reveals how nature became her most trusted teacher and how, in pursuing an intimate relationship with nature, she unlocked profound joy and creativity.

She has just written a book called EARTH ARTIST in which she generously shares her wisdom gained from three decades of gardening experience. Combining practical knowledge with philosophical wisdom, She will share with you how to grow the garden of your own soul. How natural gardening and feasting on nature's bounty can open your heart, awaken your intuition and unleash your creativity.

Jenny will give an overview of her book, which describes in detail how to plan, plant and maintain a natural garden filled with edible plants, and prepare simple, delicious meals from produce grown in a garden paradise. No matter where you live, whether in an apartment or on a large plot, this book will make natural gardening and farming a highlight in your life, and inspire you to eat a harvest that is healthy for you and the Earth.

There is an urgent need for humanity to take responsibility for the health of the environment. Earth Artist suggests simple steps that we can all take towards creating a more self-sufficient and healthy lifestyle.

If, like many in our modern, rushed world, you long for a deeper connection with life, and are aware of the need for growing our own food, join us this coming Wednesday evening for some much needed inspiration towards remembering this lost wisdom.




At the English in Africa School (The old Montessori School) Main Road, Hout Bay. (opp. Greenacres Close, just below the Oakhurst Spar).


VENUE: Avalon VIllage Hout Bay Main Rd.  Opposite Green Acres Close.  TIME: 7pm for 7.30

Meet friends and make friends while sharing ideas about the green revolution

See you there !

 CcccCCCC  Contact angie [at] greenliving.co.za to get on the mailing list or to request a speaker spot