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Hamburg Green Drinks

also called "Hamburer Umweltstammtisch" (HUS), meaning "Hamburg Environmental Round Table". We are a real-world network of professionals working in different areas related to environment and sustainability, and we meet the third Wednesday of every month at alternating companies and locations for company visits, presentations on current environmmental and sustainability topics of our members or guests, good talks, good food, a drink and more. The location is always changing and is only accessible by invitation.

International Visitors are more than welcome. Please feel free to contact us to obtain details regarding location and confirmation of the date. Everyone working in the environmental or sustainability areas and visiting Hamburg is welcome.

We are closely connected to the green drinks networks in Munich and Berlin. Members of these three "round tables" meet once a year in one of those three cities. Our last annual meeting was in October near Munich, the next yearly meeting will take place in Berlin again. 

For more information on the HUS please contact: Martina Prox, Hamburger Umweltstammtisch (HUS), EMail


Since December 2011 Green Drinks Ahoy! started to meet in Hamburg.
Currently details on the meeting are available on Facebook.