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Dresden Green Drinks

Monday 9 May 2016, we kindly invite you to our first Green Drinks Europe evening. From 6 pm until… the end! Do not hesitate to jump in even later.

Venue: Karl May Bar, Taschenberg 3, 01067 Dresden

Hey there, the Europe Direct Informationszentrum (EDIC) Dresden launches its Citizens Dialogue called Green Drinks Europe. Following the motto "facts, drinks'n chats", let's talk together!

Imagine, it is now 6 pm and you leave your office. What do you think of a relaxed round with unfamiliar and friends, where you can share your thoughts and exchange ideas about a hot topic? If you are ready to play the game with a glass of good wine, a colourful cocktail or a traditional bier, Green Drinks Europe is the place to be!

Codeword? Europe!

What topic? Borders in Saxony.

As one of the European Commission’s ten priorities for Europe, the topic ‘Borders’ is more present than ever. But honestly, who knows these 10 priorities and would be able to list them? Almost nobody for sure…  In our first Green Drinks Europe, we will openly and informally speak about the priority „A new migration policy“. Our goal: your free contributions, our open ears for questions and suggestions about today’s happenings in the EU.

How does Green Drinks Europe exactly work?

We meet in a bar. Three questions about the selected EU topic are put on several tables. Participants on each table try to answer the questions related to the theme.  

What kind of questions can be asked?

For instance: How do we draw our borders? Alongside a country, the Schengen area or around the EU? What can invisible borders be (in the head)? Or: Have you already reached your borders towards migration policy?

Spread out and exchange your opinion!

More: http://uzdresden.de/de/europe-direct/edic/green-drinks/

If you would like to be added to the Green Drinks Dresden email list or need more information, please contact: claudia.nikol@uzdresden.de


EDIC Dresden is the ‚Europe Direct Information Centre' Dresden. It is one of the more than 500 EDICs acting within the European Union. We inform citizens and help them for any requests they might have about the EU. EDIC Dresden is supported by the Umweltzentrum Dresden e. V.