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Chesterfield Green Drinks

Chesterfield Green Drinks is on the first Wednesday of every month 7.30p.m. 'til late (come and go as you please!)

at The White Swan, 16 St. Mary's Gate, Chesterfield.  S41 7TJ.  Tel. 01246 229570


Hello and welcome to Green Drinks in Chesterfield!

This is an opportunity for like-minded people from any background to get together for a fun, relaxed, interesting evening once a month.  
As well as just being a nice evening out, Green Drinks enables people to share information and ideas, network, and find opportunities...

You don't need to know anyone, as everyone will be looking out for each other. There is no agenda or formalities – it's just a way to meet friends for a chat and a drink. You can stay for ten minutes or three hours, you can let your hair down or fix the world's problems depending on your mood!

Chesterfield GreenDrinks now runs in conjunction with Transition Chesterfield and Chesterfield Cycle Campaign for joined up thinking!

For the latest info about Green Drinks, you can sign up to the Transition Chesterfield E-Newsletter which will also enable you to find out about other events and happenings in and around Chesterfield. 

Further information is also available from Colin, organiser of Chesterfield Green Drinks:

Email:    colinhtk[at]hotmail[dot]com


Local websites:

Transition Chesterfield:

Chesterfield Cycle Campaign:


Hope to see you soon!