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Before you get in touch, please check if the information below can answer your question:

If you want to know about the next green drinks near you Please find the relevant city page -- go along, you will have fun and expand your mind!
If you want to set up a new city Read the Green Drinks Code and follow the instructions there
If you are a city organiser

Nice to hear from you! You may well find what you need by logging in and checking the available functions on the admin pages.

    You can get a password reminder on the login page:

    Once logged in, you can:

  • Transfer your admin role to another person by editing 'Your Details'
  • Update your email and contact details
  • Edit your page
  • Find a Mentor
  • And much more ...

     If you've lost your login details and the password reminder doesn't work for you then please contact Edwin.

If you are from the Press

See the basic story of Green Drinks

If you would like to offer a venue or sponsorship

Yes please!
Contact the relevant city organiser direct

If you want to send info to all the city organisers Sorry, Green Drinks is agenda-free and has a policy to not distribute any info to the city organisers. Green Drinks organisers get bombarded with stuff and want to keep their own short amounts of available time focused on getting set up for their next Green Drinks. Even if your cause is very special, that's how it is. Good luck with it!


Otherwise, please contact:

Edwin Datschefski, Founder and International Coordinator (and Website Queries)  : edwin [at] greendrinks [dot] org

Margaret Lydecker, USA Coordinator : margaret [at] greendrinks [dot] org