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Arusha Green Drinks


Are you interested or involved in solar, energy efficiency, clean technology, wildlife conservation, biodiversity development, fair trade, sustainable agriculture, natural building, permaculture, etc?  Then…


Tonight have dinner and drinks with others who are sustainability / environmentally / nature - minded for some great conversation, networking and a birthday party at the world-famous and fun…   

   Green Drinks!   

This meet-up in honor of the Birthday of 

"The Father of Natural Selection" Charles Darwin!


Event: Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Time: 7:30-10:30pm

Venue: Lively Lady Bar and Grill, Range Rd and Station Rd (opposite the railway station two blocks south of Arusha Backpackers) 

Details: Meet on the porch for great conversation and fun questions about evolution and how natural selection and sexual selection actually work - Ex: Why do apes (including humans) not have a tail while all other primates do?

No cover to enter. No host bar and food with a special Green Drink called "Evolution".

Green Drinks Overview: Green Drinks events are very simple and unstructured where people come together to network, learn something, make green friends, find jobs, develop new ideas and enjoy themselves with other like-minded, eco-friendly professionals, activists or novices in their area. Everyone even slightly interested in sustainability or green stuff is encouraged to attend. 

Contact: Valerie Kosheleff at valeriekosheleff [at] gmail.com