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Tirana Green Drinks

Is next on. mbahet

When? Kur?

Thursday 26 March at 18.00/ Te enjten me 26 mars ne 1800


Where? Ku?

E Per7shme, Rruga Jul Variboba - http://facebook.com/epershtatshme


Who? Kush?

You, your friends, your colleagues - please share!


Our presentation this month will be from Rajmonda Zajmi, organiser of the Eco Fashion Show, inspired by Isabelle Tausch. The third edition of the eco fashion show will take place on 17 May 2015, showcasing work which is all at least 80% made of reused materials (elements originally manufactured for another purpose and which would otherwise be thrown away) with the aim of demonstrating that 'trash has value; trash can be chic' offering 'solutions that balance ecology, society and culture.' It will be inspiring to hear from Rajmonda, and great to have you there. Bring a friend!

Find out more about Rajmonda's work on her group's Facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/pages/Eco-Alternative-Arts/603563419737015?fref=ts.

Prezentimi do te jete prej Rajmonda Zajmit per Eco Fashion Show, te inspiruar nga Isabelle Tausch. Eco Fashion Show do te mbahet sivjet per heren e trete, me 17 maj 2015, dhe do te prezentoie punimet qe jane te pakten 80% prej materialeve te riperdorura me qellim te deshmoie qe 'mbeturina kane vlere' me zgjidhje qe 'balancojne ekologji, shoqeri dhe kulture.' Do te jete frymezim te ndigjojme prej Rajmondes dhe shume mire te kemi ju me neve. Hajde me shoqeri!

Mund te mesoni me shume per punen e Rajmondes ne faqen e grupit te saj ne Facebook https://www.facebook.com/pages/Eco-Alternative-Arts/603563419737015?fref=ts.


Contact/ Kontakt: Elizabeth Gowing - elizabethgowing [at] hotmail.com