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Tirana Green Drinks

Is next on. mbahet

When? Kur?

Thursday 29 September at 18.00/ Te enjten me 29 shtator ne 1800


Where? Ku?

E Per7shme, Rruga Jul Variboba - http://facebook.com/epershtatshme


Who? Kush?

You, your friends, your colleagues - please share!

Ju, shoqeria juaj, kolege - ju lutem shperndani informate!


What? Cka?

his month we have an interesting presentation by David Smith of Global Competence Europe (https://www.facebook.com/globalcompetenceeurope/#) on the concept of 'Global competence' - and how he sees it as essential for the cross-border and cross-cultural work necessary to achieve global environmental goals.  Global Competence is described as the 'ability to understand global and intercultural issues from multiple perspectives, appreciate how our differences affect our ideas, perceptions and judgments, and engage in open and effective interactions with others from different backgrounds'.

We'll look forward to seeing you and your friends there!

Kete muaj kemi nje prezentim interesant prej David Smith nga Global Competence Europe per konceptin e 'kompetences globale', dhe si e sheh si i domosdoshem per pune pertej kufireve dhe nderkulturore qe eshte jetike per arritjen e qellimeve boterore per ambientin.  Kompetenca Globale eshte 'aftesia ne kuptimin e ceshtjeve globale dhe nderkulturore prej shume pikepamjeve, mundesia per vleresimin e si dallimet ndikojne ne idete dhe vleresimet tona, dhe angazhimi ne lidhjet te hapura dhe efikase me njerez prej sfondeve te ndryshme'

Contact/ Kontakt: Elizabeth Gowing - elizabeth.gowing [at] hotmail.com