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Tirana Green Drinks

Is next on. mbahet

When? Kur?

Tuesday 22 September at 18.00/ Te marten me 22 shtator ne 1800


Where? Ku?

E Per7shme, Rruga Jul Variboba - http://facebook.com/epershtatshme


Who? Kush?

You, your friends, your colleagues - please share!

Ju, shoqeria juaj, kolege - ju lutem shperndani informate!


This month Jonida Cepani from Superfood Tirana - http://www.superfood-tirana.com/en/why-superfood/ - will talk about her business offering bio, vegan, vegetarian and superfoods for delivery and at her restaurant. Na befte mire :-)

Kete muaj, Jonida Cepani nga Superfood Tirana - http://www.superfood-tirana.com/en/why-superfood/ - do te flet per biznesin e saj qe ofron ushqim bio, vegan, vegjetarian dhe superushqim me porosi dhe te restaurant. Na befte mire :-)


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