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Tirana Green Drinks

Is next on. mbahet

When? Kur?

Thursday 26 November at 18.00/ Te enjten me 26 nentor ne 1800


Where? Ku?

E Per7shme, Rruga Jul Variboba - http://facebook.com/epershtatshme


Who? Kush?

You, your friends, your colleagues - please share!

Ju, shoqeria juaj, kolege - ju lutem shperndani informate!


This month we'll have a Green Drinks Catch-Up - without a presenter but with the chance for everyone to share the latest from environmental initiatives they've been involved with. This could be something within your own home or workplace, or a wider initiative you've taken part in. We'll look forward to hearing from all our members!
Kete muaj do te jete mundesi te ndigjojme ma te reja prej anetareve te grupit - pa nje prezentues por me mundes per te gjithe te ndajne lajmet prej iniciativeve mjedisore me te cilat jemi marrur. Mund te jete dicka prej shtepise ose zyres suaj, ose nje iniciative me gjere ku keni marrur pjese. Mezi po presim te ndigjojne prej anetareve te grupit!


Contact/ Kontakt: Elizabeth Gowing - elizabeth.gowing [at] hotmail.com