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Tirana Green Drinks

Is next on. mbahet

When? Kur?

Thursday 30 October at 18.00/ Te enjten me 25 shtator ne 1800


Where? Ku?

E Per7shme, Rruga Jul Variboba - http://facebook.com/epershtatshme


Who? Kush?

You, your friends, your colleagues - please share! Our presentation this month will be from Catherine Bohne from Journey to Valbona, https://www.facebook.com/pages/Journey-to-Valbona/1454316231456382?ref=ts&fref=ts, on the subject of rural tourism.

Ti, shoqeri dhe kolege - ndaji me te tjere! Prezentimi kete muaj do te jete prej Catherine Bohne prej Journey to Valbona, https://www.facebook.com/pages/Journey-to-Valbona/1454316231456382?ref=ts&fref=ts, per turizmin rural

Shihemi atje! Hajde edhe me shoqeri :-)


Contact/ Kontakt: Elizabeth Gowing - elizabethgowing [at] hotmail.com/ 069 6042152


More about our presenter, Catherine

Catherine Bohne was brought up by two literature professors to love books and scholarship. At 16 she won a place at the Waterford Kamhlaba United World College of Southern Africa, and then went on to express her teenage rebellion by studying biology at University back in the States. After knocking around a bit, she settled in Brooklyn where she returned to the fold (kind of) by taking over ownership of the Community Bookstore of Park Slope, one of the oldest independent bookstores in NYC. After almost 10 years, she went on holiday to Albania, and found a new home in the Valbona Valley where she has now been living for almost 5 years, working to develop local tourism in summer, marking and mapping trails, helping with environmental research and working with the children of the valley in winter.  The most recent achievements she's proud of include being a TEDx Tirana speaker in May 2014 and contributing to getting a really stupid Management Plan for Valbona National Park shot down in (figurative) flames last July.