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The Coromandel Green Drinks

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Contact: Alison Smith at alisonsmith@xtra.co.nz

About the Coromandel

There is an abundance of hidden talent on the Coromandel – people who have come from all over New Zealand and the world and many of them well-travelled and successful. They either grew up here and started a business of their own or chose to relocate here so that they may continue to achieve professionally yet with a balanced life that allows time for family, friends and community.

In the past 10 years much has changed to make it easier to be connected with the world through upgrades to broadband and telecommunications technology, improved road access and couriers.

But nothing beats getting together and mingling over a couple of drinks. That’s especially true for the many talented people on the coromandel who work in their own small businesses or at home alone – communicating with colleagues nationally or around the world but missing that human contact. We may be in beautiful natural surroundings, but we can still crave an inspirational ‘wine down’ with likeminded people regularly.

Green Drinks Coromandel would like to welcome all of our bach owners too who have a strong connection to this place even though they do not work here. We’d like you to make a mid-week trip down to the bach and join us.