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Stockholm Green Drinks

Welcome to Green Drinks Stockholm!

When? Wednesday 21 August at 17.00, and then the same time every third Wednesday of every month!

Where? Scandic Park on Karlavägen 43.

Why? Because it's fun! Expand your network, develop new ideas and just have a nice evening! Green Drinks is open to anyone interested in environmental and social challenges and solutions to them, and provides an exciting opportunity to meet like-minded people in a relaxing after-work setting.

How? Stuart Pledger is CEO of Sustainable Leadership Lab and the chairman of Cradle Net, a cross-sector network of some 100 people from various sectors who are working to implement and disseminate information on circular economy around the world. At this Green Drinks, Stuart will speak under the theme “ Circular Economy - insights into the opportunities with case examples”. Stuart will speak from 17.45 to 18.00.