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Sofia Green Drinks

Is next on: 15th April 2015, 18:00-20:30 (or until Kanaal closes)

Venue: http://www.kanaal.bg/

For people with interests in environmentalism - no matter in which field you work - NGO, business, academia, public adminisration, if you are still a student or just enthusiatic about. Join us for some good beer and networking in Kanaal.

Look up for the tables with sign Green Drinks. Hint: Carry a sticker/badge with a picture indicating your environmental interest - e.g. a lighting for people interested in clean energy, a tree for people interested in biodiversity, a carrot for organic farming or EUR sign for public fincance - I assure you this will help the networking part and making new friends :) And I prommise to have a few badget on my T-shirt so no one would feel as awkward as I should :)

Contact: Genady Kondarev at genady.kondarev [at] gmail.com