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Penang Green Drinks

Is next on: August 21, 2013; 6:30-7:30pm

Venue: please note the change in location - Work Palette @11, Medan Maktab, Pulau Tikus, 10250 Penang. (Tel: 04-227-1755)

Welcome to Green Drinks Gathering in Penang!

Once again, it's time to mingle and share more green ideas and actions to make Penang greener.

Topic of the month - Seeds -The Green aspects of Seeds Nutrition. Is seed a part of your healthy diet?  Can we consume SEEDS as a path to natural wellness? Find out from this unique talk!

Featuring:  Jerry Chin - a venture capitalist who has been studying and sharing the natural way to complete wellness. Among other things, he believes in letting your body heal itself through providing the body with its own healing foods. He has shared the amazing power of plant SEEDS with thousands of people all over Asia and Europe. 

Jerry is a Science Graduate from UK with an MBA from the USA.

Also featuring: Work Palette, a green concept working space. The founders not only are hosting Green Drinks this month but also have promised us a tour through the work space. This will be our first green building tour. Come experience how "easy and cheap" to make your home or office space green! Yep, everyone says going green is expensive, yet we have a working proof right here among us.


Green Drinks volunteers



Anyone with an interest in local and international environmental and sustainability issues - all ages, backgrounds and groups - non-profits, academia, government, small business, big business, self-employed, volunteers, students, concerned citizens, curious people... and everything in between. T-Shirt or a suit, come as you are. Call in for 10 minutes or stay as long as you like. You don't even to have a drink to be a Green Drinker!

Fun, contacts, drinks, info, inspiration, business, and pleasure.

FREE! No fees. Buy your own drinks...

Step 1: Arrive and get a drink and/or food.

Step 2: Mingle.

Not sure how? The most common method is to randomly start listening in on whatever conversation is going on... eavesdropping and lurking are socially acceptable (and essential skills) at Green Drinks!

Green Drinkers are welcome to display cards, brochures, info sheets, posters, magazines, newsletters etc on the table... just remember to take whatever is left on the table away with you when you leave.

These are always welcome. Please email one of the organisers.

Contact: Chen-Ley Ong at chenleyong@gmail.com, Sylvie Leveau at sylvie@fasyl.com,
or Neoh Yee Ling at yeeling@workpalette.com