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Mumbai Green Drinks

Upcoming meeting Green Drinks Mumbai

We are excited to invite you to the next meet-up of the Green Drinks Mumbai chapter - where green business, progressive ideas and entrepreneurship meet in an informal setting.

Opening the session, Mr. Madhav Pai (Director - India, The WRI Ross Centre for Sustainable Cities) will give a talk around Smart Sustainable Mobility. Mr. Pai will share with us elements of his work pertaining to sustainable transport and urban planning projects within the broader context of enabling sustainable cities.


Date _____Wednesday, 7th October 2015
Time _____8:00 pm – 9:30 pm
RSVP____ RSVP not required (but appreciated)
_________Do let others know you are going, you are invited to bring them along.

Agenda ___>> 20 minute talk (by Mr. Madhav Pai)
_________>> Q&A
_________>> Networking time
_________>> Post 9:30 pm, optional drinks at a venue in the vicinity

Venue____Cafe Free India
_________N.M. Joshi Marg, Opposite Deepak Cinema
_________Lower Parel
_________Mumbai - 4000 13

Contact___Pavithra @ + 91 981 9494 182
_________Carolien @ + 91 9619 233 429
_________(Coordinators, Green Drinks Mumbai)


We look forward to seeing you on Wednesday!


>>About the Talk and the Speaker


Mr. Pai will share with the group WRI Ross Centre and EMBARQ's work that has provided support to 15+ cities on sustainable transport and urban development projects  - highlighting notable successes that include iBus in Indore, BIG Bus Network in Bangalore, Raahgiri in Delhi & Gurgaon, Transit Oriented Development in Hubli Dharwad and rickshaw rising.z


Mr. Madhav Pai is India Director for the WRI Ross Centre for Sustainable Cities and Director of the EMBARQ India program.

Mr. Pai has published extensively in the field of Indian urban transport systems. He is the lead author of "Bus Karo" a guidebook on bus operations and planning. He has over 15+ years’ experience leading, designing and managing urban transport programs and projects in India, Asia and United states. At University of California Berkeley he was involved in shared mobility research assessing impacts of city car share on travel behaviour in the City of San Francisco. Madhav is a Civil Engineer from Mumbai and holds a Master’s Degree in Transport Planning from University of California Berkeley.


>>About Green Drinks Mumbai 

Green Drinks is a network for everyone in Mumbai who wants to stay in touch with fellow sustainability professionals and enthusiasts, across industries - including corporates, entrepreneurs, academics, government representatives and students.

Can't stay updated about the rapid developments in sustainability across industries? 
Looking for folk with varied expertise to grow your initiative or business? 
Feel like spending some quality time with people who get what you do for a living?

Join us at our monthly Green Drinks Mumbai chapter meet-ups: 1.5 hours, informative and inspiring opening talk, plenty of people and a joint passion for the environment!

Our network is part of 600+ Green Drinks chapters around the globe. The Green Drinks movement (www.greendrinks.org) is a self-organising network that is meant to be simple and unstructured.

Connect with us: 
LinkedIn: Green Drinks Mumbai
Facebook: Green Drinks Mumbai 

We look forward to seeing you on Wednesday! 

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Previous meetings

Wednesday 2nd September 2015

@Aditya Birla Finance Limited & the White Owl (Lower Parel)

Opening talk by Anna Warrington from Forum for the Future on their futures technique. In front of a full house, Anna presented the technique and illustrated it with very instructive, entertaining and sometimes confrontational examples from their daily practice. The afterhours networking in the White Owl saw lively debates on the role of CSR as well as interesting (re)new(ed) connections between the corporates, consultants, designers, researchers and NGO's present.

Wednesday 1st July 2015

@ the White Owl (Lower Parel))

Opening talk by our own Rutuja Tendolar on Sustainability in Finance, giving the group a great quick course in what sustainability in finance means, how and where it is used and what the status of developments is in the field. The group was small but very excited to meet after a long time and with the new concept with the opening talk.

20th October 2012

We had a nice meetup last Saturday in Cocoa Cafe in Bandra. Topics included teaching moleculair biology, educational environments, whether organic food is actually sustainable, air quality measurements, LED solar lighting, and many others that I missed. Hope to have such a great response next month too! The group unanimously decided to hold next meetings on Saturday evenings to allow office people from other parts of town to join in.

17th October, 2012


13th September 2012

The first meeting after a very long gap was small but interesting.

April 2011

We were featured in Mid Day.....


28th March 2011

On a balmy Monday evening, in anticipation of the upcoming "Cricket Blockbuster" a motley bunch of professionals met up at the Mumbai Times Cafe over wine, nimboo paani, beer and loads of pleasanteries. There were the eco-entrepreneurs who dazzled with their confidence and ideas; the finance guys with their air of perceptible change at walking the talk; the cheeky green consultants with oodles of wit; and photographers, advertising professionals, MBA students and the like....

Conversation flowed freely from the vision of a solar-powered REWA to importing green power from Nepal... Our second meet in the Green Drinks, Mumbai chapter set off in style our endeavour of creating a microcosm of a professional community, committed to doing things differently....

Join us for our next meet towards the end of April and in the meanwhile, Chak De India.....!!!!!!

24th February 2011

The first meet of Green Drinks, Mumbai saw a gathering of over 20 people or so, some of whom actively dabbled in sustainability or related fields while others represented the curious/the interested/the supporters. As an introductory meet, we wanted to keep the evening low on agenda and high on fun. However, for our forthcoming initiative, we want to structure the focus of networking around an activity. So in case of any suggestions or enquiries, do contact us. In the meanwhile, join our Facebook page and we'll keep you updated on when we are meeting next.