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Medellin Green Drinks

Green Drinks Medellin  Martes 12 de August 2014
Green Drinks MDE,
Lugar: Parque Lleras
Martes 7-10pm Green Drinks MDE Invite Friends...

Green Drinks Medellin - Thanks  to all for cooperating during the sustainability lecture series. It was sharp!

November thanks giving Green Drinks venue will be posted in 1 week.



GREEN DRINKS MEDELLIN is a lively monthly gathering for people interested in sustainability, including green business, environmental and social causes, architecture and design, organics, renewable energy and more. Green Drinks Medellin began in 2009, and is one of the original groups in South America. We keep growing, and have lots of great people in attendance every month.

GREEN DRINKS MEDELLIN es un evento vibrante para gente interesada en una vida sostenible incluyendo el comercio verde, medioambiente y razones sociales, architectura y diseno, organicos energias renovables y mucho mas. Green Drinks Medellin se inicio en el 2009 y es uno de los grupos originales de Sur America. Seguimos creciendo y tenemos mucha gente especial y querida que llega cada mes.

We typically meet the 3rd Wednesday of every month (unless there's a change due to a Special Event or holiday.)

Join us in community and good spirits. All are welcome! Bien venidos!


Contact: greendrinksmde@gmail.com