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Chengdu Green Drinks

Welcome to Green Drinks Chengdu!

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2014年4月28日   April 28, 2014
美国华盛顿特区1889年是“垃圾围城”的状况,但之后发生了什么样的转变?是立法?采用经济手段?公众意识上的觉醒?政府、企业、社区又如何共同协作进行垃圾管理?美国社区居民如何将垃圾分类变成一种习惯?邀请大家周一来听美国驻成都领事馆官员John Corrao分享美国社区的绿色转型,我们一起聊聊——“他山之石可以借鉴吗?”


What happened after Washington D.C. was surrounded by trash in 1889? Enacting legislation? Employing economic means? Raising consciousness? How did the government, corporations, and communities work together to manage trash? How did American residents develop waste separation into a habit? Come hear Mr. John Corrao, with the U.S. Consulate in Chengdu, share stories of green transformation in American communities, and let’s discuss – ‘What can we learn from foreign case studies?’

Time: 19:30 – 21:00
Venue: The Bookworm Chengdu
28 South Renmin Road Section 4, 2 East Yujie Street
Organized by: Chengdu Roots and Shoots, Chengdu Green Drinks


About Us

Green Drinks Chengdu started by a Fulbright fellow in 2011 as a open space to discuss and share information on environment-related issues. Our crowds include local Chengdu and international friends from NGOs, private sector, travelers, and students. We meet once a month.

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email us at greendrinkschengdu [at] gmail.com
call Areeya at +86.134.5864.8604
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