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Baku Green Drinks

We are the environmental movement in Azerbaijan organising a lot of environmental education projects, the same time organising Green Drinks meetings in Baku.

As we know almost in all developed and developing countries short-term environmental activities are accompanied or continued with various long-term sustainability programs to strengthen the country’s economy and to improve the welfare of local population. These kinds of activities include works in the field of development of alternative energy sources and alternative means of transport as well. Exhaustion of traditional energy sources and damage that they cause to environment makes it inevitable for us to switch to alternative energy. With 300 sunny and 270 windy days a year, Azerbaijan has great potential to use solar and wind energy as alternative energy sources.

The recent increase in car usage makes it necessary to develop ecological means of transport as well. Thus, in many countries of the world bicycle has already become an alternative transport competing with or even surpassing cars. In many countries bicycles are used in daily life, to go to university or work. Despite the fact that, bicycle is not only a healthy but also environmentally-friendly mean of transport, yet the attitude to the bikers is not so heartwarming in Azerbaijan.

We NATURE FRIENDS, with the aim to protect our environment, carry out various educational events to raise environmental awareness in Azerbaijan. In this way, we try to find local solutions to global environmental problems. “Nature Friends” Youth Organisation calls people from all walks of Azerbaijani society, especially governmental, non-governmental, media and business representatives and students to take responsibility for environmental protection and behave sustainably in their daily lives. Certainly, there are green-thinking people in our society who care about environment and do their best to save water, electric energy, gas, even use ecological means of transport in their daily lives. The aim of “Nature Friends” YO is to bring those people together in order to encourage other representatives of society to switch to sustainable life style and to be more responsible toward the environment.


Nature Friends - Azerbaijan



Emin Mammadov - greendrinks [at] nfa.az
Nature Friends office - office [at] naturefriends.az / office [at] nfa.az

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